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7th October 2022
6th January 2023


Please note that the payment of the registration fee and the attendance as a presenter is required to have an abstract published in the online book of abstracts, and to have a publication published in the conference book!


Formal requirements of the scientific abstracts


To prepare your abstract, please read carefully the information on the form and content requirements in the following link. The abstract submission surface will be available after registration on the conference website. From this year, it is not possible to upload Word and PDF files, thus please type or copy your abstract into the text boxes provided after registration.

You can download the instructions here.


Poster presentation requirements

One of the authors is required to be available online to answer questions and lead discussions during the poster session.

Poster presentations are 5 minutes long (including discussion). Please consider the time limit.

Please prepare the e-poster as a one-page, landscape PDF or as a .ppt or .pptx file edited in Microsoft PowerPoint, 58.5x104 cm in size, without moving images.

You are free to use the attached template to create your e-poster.


Oral Presentation Guidelines


Required format: Microsoft PowerPoint or pdf format. Every presentator will have 15 mintues (10 minutes presentation and 5 minutes for discussion) to give their presentations.
Please make sure, that your presentation is no longer than 15 mintues, since the conference's program is strict.


Publication Guidlines


Please use our template for the publications. The template can be found below. The publication should be sent in Microsoft Word format with the printed, signed and scanned form of the reviewer's sheet to info.idk@pte.hu (electronic signatures are not accepted).