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26 February 2024 (Monday) midnight

21 May 2024 (Tuesday) midnight


Please note that the electronic book of abstracts and the subsequent conference book will only contain abstracts and publications from authors who have paid the registration fee and have presented at the conference!


Formal requirements of the scientific abstracts


To prepare your abstract, please carefully read the information sheet on the form and content requirements at the link below. The abstract submission surface will be available after registration on the conference website. As it is not possible to upload Word and PDF files please type or copy the text of your abstract into the field provided (English template and instructions are available after switching to English under the 'Requirements' tab)


Poster presentation requirements

In order to present the research, please have at least one of the authors available at the conference venue at the time indicated.

The planned time for poster presentations is 5 minutes (which includes the discussion).

We kindly ask the presenters to respect the time-limit.

Please prepare the poster as a one-page, portrait orientation PDF or as a .ppt or .pptx file edited in Microsoft PowerPoint, 60x90 cm in size, without moving images.

You are free to use the attached template to create your poster.


Formal requirements for scientific presentations

Every presenter will have 15 minutes (10 minutes presentation and 5 minutes for discussion) to deliver their presentations.

Please make sure, that your presentation is no longer than 15 minutes, since the conference's program is strict.


Information about publications


Please carefully read the following information on the formal requirements for publications and use the template below before submitting your paper. Please read the guidelines for the submission of papers. Please note that the papers should be in Microsoft Word format and sent to info.idk@pte.hu together with a signed and scanned copy of the peer review (electronic signatures are not accepted).